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What is MirroCool?


- Facial Gestures Recognition (FGR) software: Nothing you have ever seen before - after all, it functions hands-free and voice-free! 

MirroCool proprietary Facial Gestures Recognition: (FGR) technology works with 70 well-recognized facial features and turns the device into a hands-free and voice-free functional smart mirror. With our functionality, your mirror will turn into your own personal-assistant and as you stand in front of your mirror, you will get instant medical reminders, traffic reports, weather updates, calendar alerts and other important event notifications to prepare for the day

- It's Fun! MirroCool allows you to take a selfie, even a group selfie. You can share them with your friends via social, email, upload on MirroCloud and create a stylebook! 


About MirroCool

MirroCool is a smart mirror that functions as a Personal Assistant synced up with your smart device. It comes with a Built-in HD camera programmed to recognize the face of the registered profiles.

  • High Quality Mirror
  • Equipped with computer hardware
  • Built-in High Definition display screen
  • Dedicated Mobile App
  • Built-in HD Camera
  • Feed Widgets (Weather, News, Social Networks, etc.)
  • Multi User Profiles
  • Home Security System
  • MirroCloud (Online Storage)

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